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“The past no longer binds me and I have the courage to endure all I encounter”

The title of this sigil says it all. It’s a great example of a powerful statement, exactly the kind of thing chaos magick plays well with.

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New Sigil: “I Will Have To Courage To Face My Fears”

Facing your fears is a huge part of become a mature, capable person. It’s not an easy thing to do, and plenty of people spend their entire lives quietly avoiding situations where they’ll be mildly uncomfortable, never mind terrified. Anyone who volunteers to face their fears deserves as level of respect.

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New Sigil: The Serenity Prayer

There is great wisdom to be found in almost every form of faith and every system of belief. Today’s sigil gives a nod to both 20th century Christianity and modern 12-step programs. The Serenity Prayer is perhaps best known for its use by groups like Alcoholics Anonymous, where it has been helping people through dark

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