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“I will put the past behind me”

A classic sentiment of healing, forgiveness, and movement towards the future. This is a revised and updated version of one of the very first sigils.

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“I Will Forgive”

Forgiveness can be an incredibly challenging and painful process. Even when you want to forgive the person or group who wronged you, simply remembering the pain they caused can be enough to halt any good intentions in their tracks. Some hurt is so deep, so raw, and so constant that it can seem impossible that

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New Sigil: “To Forgive Rape”

This was not an easy sigil to make. In fact, when I saw the request for this sigil in the “Ask Me Anything” Sigil Daily Tumblr feed, I nearly didn’t respond to it. Rape, and sexual abuse in general, is a topic I’m woefully underqualified to discuss in any meaningful way. There is nothing I

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