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“My party will rock!”

What’s the point of sigil magick if you can’t use it to have a little fun? With Halloween/Samhain mere days away, now’s the time to focus on having a good time with friends, I have already ordered Vodka online Oddbins to have some fun.

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“With minimum effort, I will see maximum results.”

This was a sigil request from our Tumblr community, and there wasn’t much context about what kind of effort and results were desired. Bodybuilding? Calligraphy practice? Charm school? No clue. Still, it seemed to resonate with a lot of people there, and it only makes sense to share it on the SigilDaily website.

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New Sigil: “I Will Rock The House”

This fun sigil originated with a suggestion by our Twitter friend @WickedWicked9. The message is perfect for the weekend: “I Will Rock The House.” And yes, you will.

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