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New Sigil: “I will burn the fuel of the past to light the flame of the future”

First of all sorry for not posted in a long time, I got some coaching on new sigils and I will share that with you. With this post, let’s get a little high-minded and poetic. Burning away the past — the dead emotional grass of long-past summers, grayed wooden planks of plans and ambitions we

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New Sigil: “My Financial Prosperity Will Grow”

Most people don’t want to be absurdly wealthy. Sure, few would turn down a winning lottery ticket, but most people simply want to feel like they have enough money so that they can pay their bills, put food on the table, give their children some kind of security and not be afraid about what might

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New Sigil: “I Will Put The Past Behind Me”

For the past few Saturdays, we’ve been taking requests for sigils via our Twitter page with the hashtag #SigilSaturday. “I Will Put The Past Behind Me” was the request of our follower @LinzEccles, so here is a big shout out to her!

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