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New Sigil: “I will overcome my addictions and have a happy, healthy life.”

Another great sigil request from the Sigil Daily Tumblr page. “I am having a difficult time with creating a sigil for my deep need for sobriety. I am addicted to herion and want nothing more than a healthy, happy life.”

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Completed Sigil: “I Am Strong, Healthy And Happy”

This is a follow up to the previous post, showing the finalized version of the sigil. I did a few versions in oil pastel on a large sketchpad, then took a photo with my phone. After that, I pulled it into Photoshop, cleaned it up with a simple desaturate, then ran it through the threshold

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New Sigil: “I Am Strong, Healthy And Happy”

Today, I thought we’d take a step back and demystify the sigil-creation process. This was created with a perfectly normal mechanical pencil, ink pen and steno pad in about five minutes over coffee. You can see the entire process, with the finished sigil circled in the lower left. I’ll likely create a more artsy-looking version

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