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“My life overflows with wealth, love and hope.”

It’s easy to forget just how abundant our lives can be. After all, we live in a world that often seems filled to the brim with desperation, loss, and sadness. By remembering that abundance exists, it becomes easier to find ways for it to flow into our lives.

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“Somewhere, someone is in love with me”

Courtesy of one of our Tumblr followers, we have a sigil that is equal parts hopeful and aching.

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“My suicidal ideation will fade away”

This sigil originated with a private commission. She graciously allowed it to be posted here, noting “I know I’m not the only person dealing with some shit.” Just having that perspective is valuable. At any given time, many of us are facing some of the most severe stresses imaginable, both internally and externally. We’re all

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