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“I Radiate Positivity And Healing”

Have you ever met a person that just seemed to glow with warmth, compassion, and understanding? Just by spending a little time with them, you somehow feel better. You’re more at ease. You can relax, let your guard down, and just be yourself in ways that can prove impossible around even your best friends. Those

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Sigil Cover: “I attract positive and lasting relationships into my life”

Almost exactly a year ago, our Tumblr fan @tommysaysblahh was so inspired by the idea of sigilcraft that they shared an awesome first-time attempt with SigilDaily. In honor of that (and as an excuse to keep doing these “cover versions” of community-submitted sigils, which are a heck of a lot of fun to do), here’s

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Sigil Cover: “I will have more positive energy”

One of SigilDaily’s Tumblr followers, @askthewitchwithwanderlust, posted an awesome first-time sigil earlier today. They also gave us a cool shout out, so we’re returning the favor with “cover” version of that sigil, just for kicks. Here it is: Head over to @askthewitchwithwanderlust to see the original.

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