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“My broken heart will heal”

Few things hurt more than a truly broken heart. It’s a pain you can’t touch, and there is no pill to make the ache go away. This sigil, created as part of our “Sigil Saturday” project on Tumblr, speaks to the need to move on from the anguish of betrayal, loss, despair, melancholy and other

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“My relationship will survive this trauma”

Relationships can be fragile things. They can also be unbelievably resilient, even against overwhelming odds and seemingly unbearable burdens. Romantic connections can survive all manner of heartbreaks, while platonic kinship can weather unthinkable storms, distance and life changes. This sigil reflects the desire — and the hope — that your relationship will emerge from the

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New Sigil: “I Will Be In A Passionate Romantic Relationship Soon”

Thanks to a relatively active social media presence, Sigil Daily gets a lot of sigil requests. That’s a good thing, as it saves me the trouble of constantly having to come up with ideas for new content. One of the most fascinating elements of this back-and-forth with the project’s followers is the commonalities. Most people

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