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“My party will rock!”

What’s the point of sigil magick if you can’t use it to have a little fun? With Halloween/Samhain mere days away, now’s the time to focus on having a good time with friends.

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“I am a powerful witch, and my magick flows strong and true”

It’s almost Samhain! While there is nothing specifically witchy about sigil magick, there’s no denying that some of this site’s biggest supporters are pagans of one flavor or another. With those wonderfully supportive folks in mind, here’s a fun sigil for everyone braving the cold and the dark to keep this Gaelic festival alive. Whether

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“I will be light in a time of darkness”

This sigil came as a Samhaim-specific request from the Sigil Daily Tumblr group. It’s wonderfully evocative, isn’t it? Given the context, it seemed fitting to go with a script design choice that echoed the tastes of many modern pagans, Wiccan, Druids and generally witchy types. As a result, this sigil has elements of both Norse

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