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New Sigil: “I Will Be Open To Success”

One of the biggest reasons we fail is self-sabotage. Our internal models of reality, shaped by everything from upbringing to the attitudes of those around us, simply won’t accept the possibility that we can actually succeed at something. We’ll even do little things to prevent the possibility of success, or simply not be open to

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New Sigil: “My Business Will Make More Money”

Is your business not delivering on its potential? Try this sigil, “My Business Will Make More Money.” Simply redraw the sigil, or print it out an trace the design. Then activate it! Details here. Are you looking for a personal sigil to suit your needs or to address a specific problem? Order your custom sigil

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Sigil of the Day: “I Will Create A Successful Business”

This simple, four-stroke sigil was created with a coin, the basic token of exchange, in mind. The “S” in “success” and “B” in “business” are combined into something similar to an upside-down German “ß.” And who is better as making successful businesses than the Germans, right? This custom sigil was created for a client

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