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New Sigil: “I will overcome my addictions and have a happy, healthy life.”

Another great sigil request from the Sigil Daily Tumblr page. “I am having a difficult time with creating a sigil for my deep need for sobriety. I am addicted to herion and want nothing more than a healthy, happy life.”

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New Sigil: “I will receive enough money to pay for college”

Another Tumblr request, and about a fear many of us knew all too well at some point in our lives. Since we don’t want any confusion on the intent, let’s make this sigil as literal as possible. An Athenian owl of wisdom (that’s what college is all about, right?), surrounded with the ancient Greek letters

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New Sigil: “I will remember that platonic love is not the same as romantic love”

This sigil came from a request on the Sigil Daily Tumblr page, and it was impossible to ignore. The design may be a bit on the nose, but having been in exactly this kind of situation, I’d say the less subtle the sigil, the better.

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